. Blue purple fruits & vegetables contain varying amounts of health promoting phytochemicals such as anthocyanins & phenolics; important for antioxidant & anti- aging benefits.
. Bananas are rich in fiber, known as resistant starch that are important for bowel health. Green or firm bananas are higher in resistant starch than ripe bananas.



At our store, a huge range of organic and/or international food items, produce and ingredients. It's all been chosen by our specialists to give you the best products and value you will find anywhere. We are passionate to deliver the best quality of products in the market. To us, "value" means great products at a great price. So Whatever you need, we have it.

Here below you will find a list of the greatest products manufactured by Foreverslim:
. Breakfast Oat Cookies
. Choco Coco Bar
. Chocolate Cookies
. Chocolate Croissant
. Chocolate Cubes
. Coconut Macarron
. Craker Zaatar
. Croissant Zaatar
. Fig and Sesam
. Low Carb Energy Bar
. Pizza
. and much more ...

Our Specialities:Croissant Zaatar

Our Specialities: Pizza Gluten Free

Our Specialities: Chocolate Cupcake

Our Specialities: Coconut Macarron